10 December 2010

Another Brickskeller update

WTOP in Washington finally identifies the Brickskeller's new owners:

Megan Merrifield and her husband are buying The Brickskeller, a haven for beer lovers on 22nd Street in Northwest.
When Merrifield takes over the property later this month, they will be changing the name to "Rock Creek" - and that's about it.
"We are buying the Brickskeller with the intention to keep the regulars that are going there, going there. We will offer them their favorite beers," Merrifield says.
The bar may get some new hardwood floors and a facelift for the bathrooms.
"We don't intend to change much. We intend to keep it the institution that it is and just essentially do a facelift," Merrifield says.
The closing on the property is scheduled for Dec. 23.  Merrifield hopes the bar will reopen just days after the closing.
"The Brickskeller policy as I understand is to be closed Dec. 23,24,25 and reopen the 26th. So that's our intention is to reopen according to their schedule on the 26th," Merrifield says.
Merrifield also owns several D.C. hotels: the Windsor Inn, Embassy Inn and District Hotel.
I'm guessing they won't be able to redecorate in only a couple days off, and especially not over the holidays.

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