23 December 2010

Merry Christmas for Wild Goose fans: Wild Goose brand bought by new DC nanobrewery!

Boy, I leave the computer for four hours, and all heck breaks loose.

But a good kind of heck.

I'm just going to throw up the press release from Ben Savage, Flying Dog's VP of marketing, and let us all read it:

Frederick, MD – December, 23, 2010 – Logan Shaw Brewing Company, an upstart brewery out of Washington DC, has agreed to purchase the Wild Goose brand from Flying Dog Brewery.

Flying Dog Brewery inherited the Wild Goose brand as part of the purchase of the Frederick Brewing Company’s brewing facility from Snyder International in 2006, and has maintained the brand’s presence regionally ever since.  As demand for Flying Dog has increased over the past year (sales are up 40% nationally, with triple digit growth regionally in the mid-Atlantic in 2010), the brewery has moved steadily toward a singular focus on the Flying Dog brand.

Flying Dog began looking for viable options to secure the future of the Wild Goose brand in February of 2010, and the brewery was specifically looking for a suitor that was interested in the continued growth and success of Wild Goose.  In December 2010, Flying Dog decided that Logan Shaw was the best and most capable option to assume ownership of the Wild Goose brand.

Logan Shaw Brewing Company plans to pair the Wild Goose beers with the craft beers produced by Logan Shaw, under the Logan Shaw brand, beginning in mid 2011. "We felt that Wild Goose was a great brand for us as we get into the local craft beer business. It is a well-established brand known for great quality, taste, and consistency.  We thank Flying Dog for their support of the brand and their assistance through this process," says Jeff Harrison, president of Logan Shaw Brewing.

According to Loren Leroy, Logan Shaw Brewing’s head of production, "As a resident of the Chesapeake Bay area, I jumped at the chance to buy the Wild Goose brand.  It has always been one of my favorite beers, and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to grow such an iconic craft beer brand."
Logan Shaw Brewing Company will have Wild Goose contract brewed regionally until its own brewing facility is completed in approximately 18 months. 
Logan Shaw is an upstart nano-brewery based in the suburbs  of Washington DC.  Logan Shaw expects to launch their own line of beers in approximately 18 months. The name of Logan Shaw Brewing pays tribute to two historic neighborhoods: Logan Circle and Shaw, located in the heart of our Nation’s Capital. More information will soon be up at: www.loganshawbrewery.com/

Nope.  I don't know who they are, either.  The "website" is nothing more than a placeholder title for the moment.  But I'll be looking out for them very soon.


Andrew said...

And this, after that damn-fine obit you wrote for it last month.

Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Like Wild Goose and Flying Dog. No complaints