15 December 2010

DuClaw Hires Heavy Seas Brewer

From a DuClaw press release:

Baltimore, Md. -- DuClaw Brewing Company, a Maryland-based craft brewery, today announced that it has hired Kurt Krol as brewer. He joins current DuClaw brewers Jim Wagner and Bo Lenck, and will be in charge of brewing, cellaring, and filtering the craft beer as well as prepping the beer for packaging.
"I am proud to welcome Krol to our DuClaw brewing team," commented Dave Benfield, founder and president of DuClaw. "As we continue to grow our craft beer flavors and expand our bottled beer offerings in 2011, Krol's experience makes him a key player in helping us create the best beer at a pace that can keep up with growing demand."
Prior to joining DuClaw, Krol was a brewer at Clipper City Brewing Company, located in Baltimore, Maryland. During his two-year period at Clipper City, he won five GABF medals and two World Beer Cup medals. A home brewer of more than six years, Krol graduated from UMBC with two bachelor's degrees.

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Paul E. Milligan said...

I read elsewhere that he did the label art for Big DIPA and some others in the Heavy Seas line, and I believe he also did the Baltimore Beer Week crab logo used this year.