02 December 2010

Free weekend parking in Fells Point this month

Shamelessly swiped from Michael Dresser's "Getting There" blog at BaltimoreSun.com (typos corrected):

Fells Point Main Street Inc. is reporting that the Baltimore Parking Authority will allow the group to offer free street parking in the neighborhood for four weekends in December.
According to Main Street, the free parking will be allowed between 8 p.m. Fridays and 8 p.m. Sundays December 3-5, December 10-12, December 17-19 and December 24-26.  The group said it is working with the city to see  that meters and meter boxes in Fells Point are bagged during those times.
The group encourages anyone who knows of problems with the program to call the Fell's Point Main Street office at 410-675-8900. 
 Now, not that we encourage drinking and then driving..........  but just so you can't use the cost of parking as an excuse to not come up/out and check out the beer scene in Baltimore's most diverse beer neighborhood.....  (Yes, you D.C. denizens whose only experiences with Baltimore are through the HBO series The Wire--I'm talkin' to you....)

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