01 August 2011

Administrative Notes, and More

Due to work and other obligations, expect posting here to be rather light for the next couple of weeks.  News of updates, upcoming events, and the like will still be welcomed, of course.

To help tide you over, here's the latest from the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News Hop Tips calendar.  This includes the formal Grand Opening of the newly-expanded Kloby's Smokehouse this Friday and Saturday, and Max's Taphouse's Hop Fest August 19-21.

Also, the August-Sept. issue of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News should be arriving on the doorsteps of your (presumably) favorite brewpub, bar, or alcoholic-beverage retailer in the next day or three, featuring a cover story (and photo) by yours truly, and more details on a couple stories already covered in this blog, plus the rest of the beer news in the region.

If you should become desperate for more of my writing and photography (yeah, right, but....), you can also check out my latest client/venue, beginning with this (beer-relevant) piece right here.  There is more scheduled to be published over the next couple weeks/months, beer-related and not, and they're supposed to show up here, as well as the regular spots on the website.

And, of course, you can rely on a few of the other bloggers listed to the right to keep you somewhat up to date on some of the forthcoming beer events, tappenings, and whatnot.

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