26 August 2011

And for the next trick, wine being made in a brewery.....

One of the running jokes with small commercial wineries is that if you keep looking far enough back in the corners, you're likely to find a carboy or two of beer percolating away in a perfect fermentation environment.  And I have also seen a carboy of wine squirreled away in at least one brewpub.

The Fairfax (Va.) Times reports on a Loudon County winery that added a brewery.:
Corcoran’s wife Lori has long been synonymous with the local wine industry, producing award-winners using traditional methods at Corcoran Vineyards (14635 Corkys Farm Lane, Waterford). And as passionate as she is about wine, he is about beer. 
Perplexed by the lack of breweries in Virginia and yearning to be able to get a good beer close to home, Corcoran hired brewmaster Kevin Bills and opened shop on July 30 — within stumbling distance of the vineyards.
Bills and Corcoran tapped the support of a large community of brewers, so their fledgling effort is amazingly developed. The diminutive brewery is now open to the public, and you can taste for yourself.

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