17 February 2012

Max's Belgian preview

85 people in line at 10 AM, an hour before opening.  The first chap showed up at 6:47 AM, he says.

In an eminently wise move, Max's personnel went out at 9:50 AM with a cart full of menus, postcards, and pens--the procedure is now to write your orders, checking off glass, sample, or bottle.

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JohnM. said...

I'm still shaking my head from yesterday's madness. I got there at 10:25 and was still number 134 in line (as you told me).

Personally, I loved the smoked peat embrasse, but different strokes and all that (it's definitely not for everyone, and if you hate smoked beers, you need to avoid this one like the plague). Also, if you have a chance, see what you think of the T'Gaverhopk bitter sweet symphony. It's listed as an imperial IPA on the beer menu, but at 7.8% abv., it's not over the top boozy. Lot of different flavor in this one, with a nice, dry, hoppy bite on the finish.

Good seeing you at the event yesterday Alex. Cheers!