07 February 2012

SPBW 15th Anniversary Events

The 15th anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Branch of the Society for Preservation of Beers from the Wood is fast approaching, and here's a preview of upcoming events for those who might not have joined of late, from Branch president Rick Bloemke:

This Thursday February 9th we will convene upstairs at Metropolitan in Federal Hill for a very special cask of J.W. Lee’s Vintage Harvest Ale. Brewed only once a year for release on December 1 of each year, Harvest Ale is brewed to celebrate the first brew from each years first harvest of barley and hops. An English barley wine at around 11.5% ABV, Harvest Ale has both fruit and malt characteristics with a smooth, dry, hoppy finish. We will convene at 7:00 p.m. but I encourage you to come early to taste the cask and get a seat at the bar. Note, please bring your $10.00 dues for 2012 to the meeting! Metropolitan Coffeehouse & Wine Bar, 902 N. Charles St, Baltimore MD 21230

Saturday February 25th marks the 15th Anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the SPBW, and we would like to invite all past and present members to join our host Jen Oliver at The Wharf Rat, 801 S. Ann in Fells Point at “high noon” as we give a tip of the cap and tip a pint to the organization and all its members over the years.

Thursday, March 8th we get back to our regularly scheduled events calendar with the monthly beer social to be held at Frisco Taphouse & Brewery at 6695 Dobbin Rd.in Columbia, MD.

Hold St. Patrick’s Day open as we are plotting an alternative to the usual Canton/Federal Hill drunk-fests with “Stout Day”; on Saturday, March 17th at Pratt Street Ale House featuring cask, pin and draught stouts from around Baltimore and the world.

Tentative date for the 2012 Spring Ale Festival is Saturday, April 21st. We are checking for conflicting events in the larger beer community-if you know of events that conflict with those dates please let us know.


JohnM. said...

I'll be the first to admit that there are some beers unavailable in Baltimore that are available in other parts of the country that sometimes make me a bit envious. That being said, I have never been anywhere that is more blessed than Baltimore when it comes to access to kegs and firkins of J. W. Lee's.

Any other part of the country and I'd happily make a special trip for this event, but just last month Max's had the harvest ale on tap and on cask. They also had a firkin of the Lagavulin aged J. W. Lee as well. Over the past year I've also been able to enjoy from the firkin J.W. Lee's aged in Sherry, Port (yummmm!!!!) and calvados.

So my response to the event anncouncement from SPBW is simply this: J.W. Harvest Ale again??? Ho hum....

stevejones said...

John, while I agree that JW Lees has been more widely available recently (thanks to B United doing their job so well) I heartily applaud Bruce for going the distance to get something so special in house for the enjoyment of the members of the SPBW (and make no mistake, this beer was very special, not to mention incredibly expensive!) Also of course, this is one of the rare beers these days that is available in a wooden cask, let's not forget what SPBW is all about. That's what I would call attention to detail! Credit where it is due and is due to Bruce/Metropolitan!

JohnM. said...

As an "oh by the way..."

Was at Max's last night, and what do you know. They had both the port version and regular harvest ale on he hand pump (love the port version).

No disrespect to the Metro, as I agree it's great that they have a keg of this great (and expensive) beer as well, but I just think it's very cool how easily obtainable (relatively speaking) this beer is in Baltimore. That was really the point I was trying to make (in a backhanded sort of way).