16 February 2012

Transit Options for Max's Belgian Fest 2012

It's not the "Snowmageddon" of two years ago--in fact, we barely recognize what snow is anymore around here, and I haven't even seen any TV-weather-forecast-induced supermarket panic buying sprees yet this winter--but transit remains an excellent option for two reasons this (and every) year for the Max's Belgian Fest, now in its eighth year.

New this time around is the FREE (for riders) Charm City Circulator Green Route, directly connecting the Baltimore Metro's Shot Tower stop with Fells Point.  Study the route map.

MTA Maryland's web site.  Bus Routes 11 and 10 are the closest to Max's, with 21 and 13 being of some use.  Other routes are on this map.  A day pass at $3.50 is just a little more than two trips on the bus or subway, and makes handy insurance if you need to be flexible in your times.  Be aware that if you stay until last call, your options are severely reduced.  Metro stops running at midnight, for all practical purposes, and "night owl" bus service is few and far between.

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JohnM. said...

Very thoughtful and helpful post Alex.

As you know, this event just gets more and more popular every year; there were some 60 or 70 people in front of me when I arrived just after 10:30 last year (4 or 5 years ago, I'd have been first in line if I arrived then). When Max's opened at 11:00, the line was back to the end of the block (all the way back to Aliceanna St.).

Parking is often pretty difficult to come by in Fells Point under the best of circumstances, and ahem, these won't be the best of circumstances. So mass transit or even a taxi are much better options than trying to deal with the traffic and parking nightmares associated with the Belgian Fest.

:-) Roughly 4 hours and counting till opening bell...