09 September 2012

Liam Flynn's and BaltiBrew Sponsor "No-Hops Gruit Ale Contest"

In an event that helps to kick off Baltimore Beer Week, Liam Flynn's Ale House, BaltiBrew, and the Free State Homebrew Guild is sponsoring a brewing contest (also open to professional brewers) for beers brewed without hops at all.  Entries must use at least 50% malted grains, with anything besides hops--herbs, spices, flowers, botanicals, etc.--used to balance sweetness.  Entries must be at least 64 ounces of beer, and be submitted to the Ale House by midnight October 15th.  Judging will start at 5 PM on October 20th; one of the judges will be Bruce Williams of Scotland's Williams Bros. Brewing Co., the creator of the well-renown Fraoch Heather Ale.

Further details to come, when the principals post them online......

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