07 September 2012

Northern Brewer Releases "White House Honey Ale" Kits

As covered by USA Today:

Here’s proof that the world now moves at the speed of the Internet: Just days after the White House released the recipes for its home-brewed Honey Ale and Honey Porter, Internet home brew supply shop Northern Brewer has shown good hustle by launching two kits containing all the ingredients needed to recreate the White House home brews.
“We had customers and fans asking us almost immediately upon release of the recipes when we would have beer kits created for them,” said Chip Walton, a member of Northern Brewer’s marketing team. “Politics aside, I think people are interested in brewing the same beer the president is drinking at home and offering as gifts on his travels.” The kits have been selling steadily since they were released on Tuesday.
Three thoughts:
  • This really does add to the suspicions that the original recipe was conjured from a similar kit procured elsewhere.
  • You could tie yourselves in knots trying to argue whether or not using this kit means "You didn't brew that."  As at least one brewer I know would settle the argument, "Shut up and drink it."
  • If you like collectibles and would brew this up and drink it anyway, grab this kit as soon as possible.  It's entirely possible that the White House may end up objecting to the imagery of the White House being used for commercial marketing purposes (it's done that before).

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