30 September 2012

Yet Another Md. Brewery Proposed: Shorebilly, Ocean City

New coverage here and here.

The man who owns Hammerhead’s bar is not only bringing a brewery to the [Ocean City] Boardwalk, he’s also inviting the public to help design his company logo.
Danny Robinson said construction starts soon on his brewery, Shorebilly Brewing Co., at 10th Street on the boardwalk, at the site of what’s now an ice cream shop. It will be the only brewpub in Ocean City proper.
“This area is already known for great beer,” he said. “If we can say, ‘Hey, this is brewed only a few blocks from here,’ bars will be anxious to get this on their taps. It will be available in as many places as I can get it.”
So far, he’s having a pilot brewing system built in St. Michaels. When it arrives, he and his brewmaster will experiment with different flavors. They will brew year-round; whether the bar is open year-round remains to be seen.
Robinson said he hopes to brew and sell his beer in cone-top aluminum cans. They’ll look like the Tin Man’s head, and come with a bottle cap instead of a pull tab. Robinson said they haven’t been in use since the 1940s.

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