26 March 2009

Baltimore Beer Week--planning continues.......

Others, notably Rob Kasper, have given some publicity to Baltimore Beer Week.

Me, I'm too busy trying to make it all happen.

Like an idiot, I volunteered to be events coordinator for BBW. I have a huge list of possible events brainstormed up by committee members, and right now I'm going to a few possibilities and running ideas up the flagpoles. Meanwhile, if you or your place/group have an interest in staging a Beer Week event of any kind--a beer dinner, a homebrewing demonstration, a history lecture, a pub crawl, a Meet the Brewer event--please drop me a line as soon as possible. There's a "first come, first served" aspect to a lot of this..........

Meanwhile, some lively discussion surrounds the proposed BBW logo, above. People either love or intensely hate it. Your thoughts?
UPDATE: By the way, I'm told the intense green background and the green in the outer ring is NOT actually part of the logo, just a consequence of the background that was used in those specific computer images. And, yes, it CAN be simplified or "dumbed down". Personally, I wouldn't have minded a crab as part of the logo, but that sort of has become its own overused cliche in itself (though I like my crab-themed t-shirt from the American Homebrewers Assn. convention in Baltimore a couple years back...).


Chodite said...

Hate it.

Can't stress that enough...

Seriously, WTF were they thinking with all of the green? Just awful.

- Brad

HoCoJoe said...

My problem is the mug in his had just doesn't work for me.

BTW when will BBW start up a twitter account? Philly twitter account (http://twitter.com/phillybeerweek) was a good way to follow the process.