17 March 2009

Why I Go Into Hiding On March 17th's.............

I'm currently reading (at a glacial pace, since I have little spare time, been sick, and am also reading from about four other books simultaneously) "The Wearing of the Green: A History of St. Patrick's Day" by Mike Cronin and Daryl Adair (still available at Pratt Library but not Balto. County library).

The more I read it, the more I see myriad ways an occasion can be twisted and perverted for various agendas.

But cut to the chase: Here, from the Washington Post website, is a photo of Pat Troy of Ireland's Own in Alexandria today.

Need more be said?

Yeah. Are those accursed Irish Rovers, that Canadian group singing supposed Irish folk and other dreck, the ones apparently responsible for inflicting this plague (written by the loverly Irish Shel Silverstein, mind you) upon us, still around and performing?
(Update: Yep--or at least some version of the original group--and apparently they just played in Hershey, Pa. eleven days ago. That was a close one.)

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