31 March 2009

Max's Tuesday Night Beer Socials

Okay, it just occurred to me.

There are people out there who may not know about this. Duh.

So, without further ado:

Every Tuesday at Max's Taphouse (save for a rare excuse such as a holiday or an upcoming Belgian Fest) at 6 PM, there's what's called a Beer Social. It's usually held upstairs in the Mobtown Lounge, although sometimes it's held downstairs to the rear of the main bar. The offerings vary: sometimes it's one special beer (the regional debut of a "new" beer or brewery); sometimes it's a particular brewery, perhaps with a brewery rep or actual brewer on hand; sometimes the first few patrons get a free glass with the featured beer; maybe it's a beer on cask or a specially brewed/dry-hopped/etc. firkin......... Often, a beer sold in large bottles is sold by a smaller glass instead. As a bonus, free munchies are also supplied, varying from week to week--one week it may be nachos and chicken tenders, another week mini-burgers and fries; another week fish, chips, and mozzarella sticks.

Tonight, for example, it was four beers from Troeg's of Harrisburg, Pa., including a local debut of the bottled Flying Mouflan, a dark beer with 9.3% alcohol and 100 IBU's (International Bittering Units--in other words, a VERY hoppy beer). Also available were their Pale Ale, Troegenator Dopplebock, their Nugget Nectar extra-hoppy beer, and the Nugget Nectar on cask handpump. Also on hand--one of the brewery reps and co-owner Chris Trognor.

Want to add this to your options? E-mail bar cellarmaster Casey Hard at chard@maxs.com ; tell him you wish to be added to the Beer Social e-mail list. You will be added to that list, and only that list, and will receive an e-mail anytime between Sunday morning and Tuesday morning telling you, briefly, what the featured beer(s) is/are that week, as well as a run-down of recent new drafts added. If you're reading this blog, that's usually enough to decide whether or not you want to make the trip--if it isn't the cask English beer or whatever the special feature is, there may be something else in the draft list to draw you. Drafts are also discounted on Tuesdays, making it a doubly special trip.


Chodite said...

Soo... impressions of the Flying Mouflan?

Beer Island said...

Sandy, you've been a very busy beer blogger lately! Good to see you and Jen last night.