01 April 2009

Globe Brewery to reopen?

UPDATE: Yes, the following post was indeed an April Fool's post! But we can dream, can't we? (Well, the other idea I had was a kosher-friendly beer bar in Pikesville......)

I get the strangest things in my e-mail inbox while I'm working.

A usually reliable source reports that the long-shuttered Globe Brewing Co. along the 1300 block of Key Highway near Federal Hill is slated to reopen--as a brewpub.

The details are sketchy, in part because I'm only hearing one part of the story from one side (typical in this trade--no new bar owner wants to jinx things until all the licenses are in place), but it appears the owners of the nearby Little Havana (right up Key Highway) have signed a letter of intent to purchase what is now best described as a ruin of a brewpub, with the intent of reactivating the brewpub.

Furthermore, in what can only be described as a good turn of events, the new owners are apparently seeking to set up the brewery as a LAGER brewery. This would finally give Baltimore back its once-fine distribution of brewpub beer styles (American, British, Belgian, German) that has been lacking since Baltimore Brewing Co. closed its doors in February 2005.

Now, my recollection is that a) the brewing equipment in Globe Brewing was ripped out ages ago, or that at least anything left is unusable, and b) what was in there wasn't suited to lager production. Supposedly, however, the owners have secured the services of a noted lager beer producer in the Baltimore area (cough, *cough*Raven*cough*), and will be working with him/her to relaunch the brewery, possibly involving contract brewing at some local brewery until on-site production is up to speed. It's also possible that they may produce beers with Little Havana in mind as well, possibly lighter-bodied lager styles to compete with the likes of Corona, Carib, and Negra Modelo.

The Globe Brewing Co.--opened in 1997 but using a historic brewing name for Baltimore (anyone remember Arrow and Arrow Bock? No, dammit, I'm not THAT old.....)--was a happening scene for the year and a half or so of its existence, with oysters and other seafood, but the building suffered from chronic ventilation and air-conditioning problems, which actually shuttered it for a time during what should have been prime season for them. They also suffered from chronic service problems, as I recall--I remember making more efforts to go drink there and failing (closed, "private party,", etc.) than actually drinking there, and the old reviews still lurking in musty corners of Pubcrawler.com confirm.

Stay tuned--time will tell............

In a similar vein, Sam Sessa of Midnight Sun reports that Ron Furman, owner of Max's Taphouse, is ALSO expanding:

Here's one from left field: Ron Furman, the owner of Max's Taphouse (737 S. Broadway), is planning to open a high-end lounge called G&T in the old Crabby Dick's building. G&T (short for gin and tonic) is still a working name, and Furman is open to suggestions, he said.

"Ever since Max's at Camden Yards closed a few years ago, I've been itching to open another bar," Furman said yesterday. "I see places like Power Plant Live doing really well, and I think I could do that."

G&T -- or whatever it ends up being called -- will have a $10-$15 cover, depending on the night, Furman said ...

Furman wants G&T to have an upscale feel, with leather couches, a large martini list and, of course, a gourmet beer selection. True to its name, G&T will have an extensive gin list, with spirits imported from England and Africa.

For G&T's, grand opening, which will be in late summer, Furman wants to bring in a large ice luge shaped like the statue of liberty.

"We're going to go all out," he said. "We're going to have some fun."

More at the link to Midnight Sun above............ (damn, I hate being scooped on stories like this....)


Anonymous said...

Thank God April Fool's is only once a year...

Keith said...

Assume this is all an April Fool's joke by a regular fool writer.