27 April 2009

Ruddy Duck Brewpub, Solomons

No photos yet, no beer tasting notes yet, and I'm being coy on the details because someone pays me for the exclusive stuff--but if you're heading to Calvert or St. Mary's Counties anytime after Memorial Day, you're supposed to have a new brewpub to visit: The Ruddy Duck, still under the final stages of construction (as is the web site) in the north end of Solomons, outside the Hilton Garden Inn there (along 765, parallel to Md. 2/4). Long delayed (well over a year) by the current financial/credit turmoil, the owners are aiming for an opening by mid-to-late May. Two encouraging signs: they have an experienced brewer lined up, and it appears the first batch has already been "sold" in the form of free first pints to people who signed up as part of their e-mail list (approximately 2,000!).

Since it won't take up that much space in my article and it's already open, let me point out the Blue Wind Gourmet over across the Patuxent River in that vast commercial strip that Rt. 235 in California, Md. has become. It's a nice little place. likely to be missed if you're not looking for it. It's basically a combination of a bistro, gourmet shop, and a liquor store selling wine and beer to go--kind of like Philly's Foodery. The selection is quite big for the area (seriously, I know of no other good selection in the county), and they're also somewhat "green" and doing a lot of local charity work if that makes a difference in your buying habits.

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