07 April 2009

National Cask Ale Week! (well, if you're British....)

This is National Cask Ale Week in the UK, sponsored by the Campaign for Real Ale.

Note the "World's Largest Toast" link at the right of the home page. Yet another effort to pull off a huge bunch of participants.

But ironically, it's scheduled for 7 PM Greenwich time, which should work out to 2 PM Eastern Daylight Time........ and the Chesapeake Bay Branch of the SPBW will be at Johansson's in Westminster at that time............

And I have some photos from the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest on Saturday to get around to posting. Long story short: It got SERIOUSLY overcrowded, and I left before there was any ugliness from running out of beer and bourbon. (And just a few too many people who insist the only way to enjoy beer is by yelling "WHOOOOOOOOO!" at the top of their lungs.........)

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