09 April 2009

Dogfish Head's new website

I got an e-mail minutes ago through my Mid-Atlantic Brewing News e-mail that Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware has revamped and relaunched its website as of last month.

I'm getting page load errors, however, on both Mozilla Firefox and MS Internet Exploder--err, Explorer. Good timing, gents. (UPDATE: Working as of 6 pm today....)

From the e-mail:

First off, we still have all the great content you want about our beers, spirits, restaurant and more. Over the next few months we'll be adding even more (think videos, ageing recommendations, polls, etc...).

But we know you wanted more... On the new website we've created a Dogfish Community. Register, create a profile and start interacting with us. You'll be able to subscribe to our blogs (yes, we have a whole team of Dogfish folks blogging!), post to our forums (homebrew recipes, food recipes, and more), create Fish Finder Map pins to let us know where you find your Dogfish Head beer, and more. Even more features for our Community Members will be added as we move forward (post your own photos, videos, etc...).

Also, on our 2009 Beer Release Schedule you'll 'Brand X' to be released in the April/May timeframe. I have an few updates for you there - 2009's Brand X beer release will be Sah'tea. If you saw last year's amazing article in The New Yorker about Dogfish Head, you will know all about Sah'tea. So, we will be releasing Sah'tea as our Brand X beer this year, but it won't be out until early summer, so stay tuned to our website and our newsletter for the latest on the Sah'tea release.

I now sincerely believe that the vast overload of Twitter, blogs, forums, etc. everywhere is designed to ensnare the readers and participants into a Borg-like assimilation from which there is no escape.

To that end: Stop reading this blog and go have a beer today. A GOOD one, of course.

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