04 March 2009

Too Many Beers, Man........

At last. Someone finally calls it for what it is.

Fellow beer blogger Tom Cizauskas uses his blog (in the CRABB list at right) to call the ludicrous multiplicity of beer styles being named out there for what it is: "An excess of silliness":

The Periodic Table of Elements lists 117 basic chemical elements of nature, including two new discoveries in 2008.

But the Brewers Association (the BA), an advocacy group for small brewers in the US lists ...

... ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY different and unique styles of beer, newly 'discovered' for 2009. I'm going to call it the beer stimulus plan.

It was only last year that the Great American Beer Festival (organized by the BA) had recognized --a mere-- 100 styles, a number I had then thought self-indulgent.

Amen, Brother Cizauskas. I've always said my favorite beers are the ones that defy pigeonholing or categorization. Can't I just enjoy Brooklyn Local 1 or Fraoch Heather Ale or Olivers 3 Lions without having to sit there and decide just what damned style I'm supposed to check off?


Jay Zeis said...

I believe in Ale, Stout, Porter, Lager and Pilsner. That is how I label my beers. If people really want to know, I then describe them.

140 is way too many.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, let's see. Pilsner is a lager, and stouts and porters are almost always ales. No room for hefeweizens, rauchbiers, bocks, wits, IPAs, or the like?

I suppose all your books are either fiction or nonfiction? Or all your TV shows are sports and everything else?