26 March 2009

Join SPBW, Get Cheap Real Ale Full-Time!

I knew about this for a while, but I wanted to clear it with all the participants before I publicized it.....

Membership in the Society for Preservation of Beers From the Wood now comes with a full-time bonus, not just a once-a-month event.

Thanks to Red Brick Station/White Marsh brewer Mike McDonald, if an SPBW member presents his or her membership card at Red Brick Station, s/he can get a pint of cask-conditioned real ale from the handpump or firkin for only $2.00....... except on Tuesdays, when it's only $1.00!!!!

You read that right, folks. Present a $10 membership card, get a pint of real ale for $2.00. You can join at the website, but you have to take some effort to secure the now-coveted membership card.

"I don't know why more places aren't doing it," said McDonald. "We even set up an SPBW discount button in the computer registers!"

The next SPBW meeting, by the way, is April 11th at Johansson's Dining House in Westminster, 7 PM.


Chodite said...

Ooh wow. I wish I knew this before I headed to Red Brick this evening! Thanks for the tip. Looks like I know what to do next...

- Brad

HoCoJoe said...

Now if they would only join the AHA pub discount program.