20 October 2008

Blob's Park Revival!

I said after the first year or so of writing for Mid-Atlantic Brewing News that I was getting sick of writing obituaries for closing bars/breweries. Well, it is now my pleasure to revoke a recent one.

Folowing up on several rumors that had been floating about, it appears that Blob's Park, down near Jessup, is being rebuilt for a reopening! To quote an e-mail from a leader in the German-American folk-dancing community:

John's brother Max Eggerl is renovating and will manage the new
Blob's Park. I talked with him at the Timonium Festival after
we performed. He's quite positive about doing things differently
and getting better results.

The other Max mentioned has moved here from Bavaria and into
[former owner] Katherine's home. He'll be the acting chef living
on site and that should mean an expansion of both menu and hours
open. Those are big investment on the two Max's parts. We've gotten
used to higher admissions with dinner included at our many forays
into Baltimore's ethnic dance halls this year so we'll be ready for
whatever program keeps the place alive.

Once his plan is in effect it's up to those who have wept and
moaned about the closing to stop talking about the great loss
and to do something to support the new place. We'll hold parties
there every month and will support special events every way we can,
performing at Oktoberfests, teaching at band breaks, and always
dressed ethnic to add to the atmosphere.
There are photos of the extensive renovations up at the old website
and the new one.

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