14 October 2008

Free Book Giveaway!

Courtesy of The Book Thing, I have two FREE copies of Charlie Papazian's "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing" to give away to any readers here.

Tell you what: I'll give them to the first two respondents who make the best case--in my arrogant, biased judgement, of course--why I should give them a copy of the book.

Fine Print: Both books are stamped inside the cover "Not for resale; THIS IS A FREE BOOK" and one copy has the trait common to most copies of this book, evidence of spilled beer wort. Books must be picked up from me in person at any reasonable location to be named, OR winner can pay for media postage or buy me a beer or two for the trouble.

Allow me to take an aside to plug The Book Thing in Waverly: to the bibliophile, it's like free cocaine is to an addict. Tens of thousands of free books, available every Saturday and Sunday, absolutely FREE. They accept donations of books and financial support (the latter through their website only), and volunteers sort books by general category. Free books for growing children and schoolkids. Free books on art, music, science, sociology, food, drink, sci-fi, history, travel, romance novels, crafts, car repair, biographies, classics, etc. Heck, take obsolete computer books and travel guides and burn them for heat all winter for all they care (and a few books are only good for that, sadly). And on Saturday mornings year-round, the Waverly Farmer's Market is a short two blocks to the north--so you can get food for the body AND the mind in one easy Saturday morning junket!

1 comment:

Good Burp said...

Are you really willing to give away a copy? I would love to receive one. My story: I am a amature home brewer who has checked out the book from the library before. I have wanted to buy the book for some time, but the price has kept me away. The rising cost of hops is killing me. If you feel so moved by reading my blog, please let me know what it would take to sway your vote.