23 October 2008

Wharf Rat-Camden Yards SOLD!

I wanted to save the news until I had a chance to actually sit down and talk with the principals in person, but as that seems to keep getting postponed by my busy work schedule and the fact that I occasionally like to eat and sleep:

Yes, it finally happened. The Wharf Rat Brewpub has been sold.

The new owners, who closed the sale Monday, are Justin Dvorkin, a brewer from Fordham Brewing, and Donald Kelly, who has operated bars in Connecticut. Bill Oliver will retain the original Wharf Rat in Fells Point. Stephen Jones comes with the brewery.

Changes? As of this moment, no changes are planned (although, lord almighty, they said that about Old Dominion, too), save for one: a possible expansion to TWO real-ale festivals a year! Jones and Dvorkin are slated to appear--along with a firkin of Oliver ale--at Metropolitan in Federal Hill next Thursday evening.

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