20 October 2008

Great Beer Cheap!!!!!!!

Note: This is only posted as a service to my readers. I gain no financial benefit from this.

Wells Liquors (and if you don't know where/what that is, why are you reading this?) currently has on sale three large-bottle specials, typical of distributors looking to make some shelf space by discounting the last of the inventory:

Brewers Art Le Canard, the first bottled batch (750ml corked)
Southampton Tripel, Imperial Porter, and Pumpkin Ale (22-oz. bottles)
Flying Dog Wild Dog Colorado Saison (corked 750ml)

Several cases of each on hand. All are excellent beers, and VERY cheap relative to original prices ("so low, we can't even say it here!"). Stock up, but leave me a couple more, please. And there are, as always, a couple other "last of the batch" beers on sale, such as Lancaster's Rooster Rye.

UPDATE 25 Oct.: Only some Wild Dog and Southampton Pumpkin left......

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