22 August 2009

Baltimore Beer Week Update--Updated Again!

Official event updates are now posted at Baltimore Beer Week's official website:


51 events committed so far, and that's not all of them either--there are a couple more big ones in the pipeline, so to speak. Now, granted, 20 of these events are at Max's Taphouse, and some of them overlap significantly, such as events during the BAM Oktoberfest and the Chesapeake Real Ale Fest--but there should be enough now to start planning your liver allocations, hotel rooms, and the like.

UPDATE Aug. 25: I spoke with one beer distributor for the region who told me of the massive "battle map" spreadsheet on his office wall, cross-indexing dates and breweries which he represents. "When we nail down the final plans, we will have probably dozens of events to add to the calendar," he said. "We have breweries that want to do an event every day or night of Baltimore Beer Week." He hopes to have the schedule ready by the end of this week or early next week. So, if you're waiting to hear where Dogfish Head will be.... or Saranac, or Sierra Nevada, or Magic Hat......... patience is a virtue.

MORE: From Steve Jones' blog at the Pratt Street Ale House website:

Thursday 8th October : kick-off party @ The Pratt Street Ale House, sponsored by the Brewers Association Of Maryland
Sunday 11th October : Beer brunch @ Victoria Gastro Pub
Wednesday 14th October : Pint night @ Metropolitan Coffee House & Wine Bar, Federal Hill
Thursday 15th October : Pint Night @ Bertha’s, Fells Point
Friday 16th October : Pint nights @ Racers Cafe, Harford Rd. and the Emerald Tavern, Harford Rd.

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Mark said...

It's great to see all these events being added to the list. Do you know if there are any plans to provide an iCal/gCal feed to the web site? It'd be nice to be able to dump all these events onto my calendar in one fell swoop...