04 August 2009

Red Brick Station's Watermelon Beer

It's out. Blink, and you'll miss it!!!!!!

From White Marsh brewer Mike McDonald:

We tapped the "Cerveza Sandia" July 22nd and emptied the 10 bbl tank in 10 ten days. It was a very interesting beer to brew. Kevin Ervin, a mug club member and very good homebrewer, had the idea for the brew and did all the test batches. One batch used 5 lbs of watermelon flesh for 5 gallons, and another had 7 Lbs.. We settled on the 7. 35 melons were cut up and rinds removed. 60% were pureed and frozen. 40% was brought to a boil and cooled quickly and the juice was strained out and added to secondary ferment. The frozen puree was added at crash. Jim Wagner of DuClaw saved us brew day when I forgot to collect the Kolsch yeast from Jim Sobczak at Gordon Biersch Annapolis. DuClaw Jim provided us with his American Ale yeast. Some kegs were sent out around Baltimore, so even though you might not get it at Red Brick, you might get some at Ale Marys, Mahaffeys, Max's , or Three.... There are also a few pins out there.

Confirmed at Mahaffey's as of yesterday; Max's will have it on both draft and cask handpump as of this afternoon...........

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