04 August 2009

Why I'm Not On Facebook.... or Twitter....

Today's "Cathy" comic. Click on the cartoon above--been fighting with the Blogspot settings to no avail.

My sister has a MUCH better commentary in the form of a naughty-word-containing YouTube video of a singer's song--accessed here. (NotSafeForWork audio, graphics are safe.)

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Caederus said...

The key is, "To hell with their feelings, it's all about me." I twitter, which is very navel gazing in nature. I still wonder who in their right mind would care about the drivel I spout. Why do I do it? It's my mobile notes on beers I've tasted or brewed with a built in date-time stamp.

I facebook as it's easiest way to communicate with some old friends who are 3/4 of the way across the country.

But then I also cheat. I linked my twitter feed to facebook so they get a stream of navel gazing beer tasting/brewing notes.