27 August 2009

Thursday's events at Metropolitan and Mahaffey's


Tonight we have a very special and delicious beer brewed especially for us by Wolaver's in Middlebury, Vermont. Tonight's firkin contains Oatmeal Stout with a twist: it's brewed with grains of paradise and ginger and then dry-hopped with Cascade hops. A special treat indeed. Wolaver's Oatmeal Stout usually runs about 5.90% so expect the same tonight.


As far as beer news is, we are in full swing of Oktoberfest lagers. We are going to blow away our previous record. I'm thinking about offering an Oktoberfest beer flight. Any thoughts? We'll be a little less hoppy than usual for awhile. Bear with us. Seasonality is a double-edged sword. A few new breweries making it to the beer selection in these coming weeks. Lots of new stuff.
Tonight's bomber is actually a 750 ml bottle. Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu, a honey grape concoction made from an ancient Chinese recipe. At $15, it is a rediculous steal. 12 bottles only.
Loads of fun things planned for Waynestock 9/19. Promises to be better than ever.

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