17 June 2011

Another Beer Oasis in Eastern Baltimore County

Yeah, technically some would call Racer's Cafe and Red Brick Station "Eastern Baltimore County," but generally that term is used for the territory immediately to the east of Baltimore City--Dundalk, Essex, Middle River, Chase, and the other areas below Interstate 95 that garner about as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield ("As kids, we played hide-and-seek.  Nobody came to look for me!").  And if you've ever headed northeast from Highlandtown, your only good-beer respites have involved lengthy detours to Red Brick Station or DuClaw, at least until you get to State Line Liquors or Newark's Iron Hill Brewery.

But with a name like Hop Heads, you know there has to be a beer geek involved.

Sandwiched between the Silver Moon Diner and the Colonial Inn  on the soutth side of  Rt. 40/Pulaski Highway at Middle River Road in a nondescript, easy-to-miss building, the relatively new bar (a couple months old) looks like just about any North-American-industrial-lager-fueled "dive" along that highway.  But inside this somewhat plain bar, customers will find four taps and a cooler filled with bottles of craft beers, including Troeg's, Victory, Heavy Seas, and even a few Belgians. 

This is apparently still a work in progress, but thus far the initial appearances are promising.

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