17 June 2011

DuClaw Says More About Colossus......

....... and corrects some misconceptions perpetuated in part by me (to be fair, my source was the company owner, Dave Benfield, out at the BAM Springfest in May, when they still didn't have a precise fix on the release yet):

1) This is our 2nd batch of Colossus. The first batch brewed in 2006, was initially released in litre bottles. Then last year we released the remaining beer from that batch in 22oz bottles. So those bombers last year, were already aged 4+ years.
2) The alcohol is not higher this year than before. It is the same as the previous batch, 21%.
3) The beer was brewed in early November of 2010, and sat in the fermenters for 4+ months. Its primary fermentation was almost 4 weeks long. Just to give you a reference, most beers have a primary fermentation of a week and have a total time in the tanks of 30 days +/- .
4) Due to the long time in the tanks, and higher production requirements we are seeing, we won’t be able to brew Colossus again until we get a new, bigger facility.  We are working on that as I type..
5) 22oz bottles will be shipping to retailers next week.  The price is set by the retailers, but expect it to be a few dollars higher this year per bottle.
6) Starting Wednesday the 22nd, we are launching the Colossus World Tour.  If you want to know details, stay tuned to this blog.

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