24 June 2011

Another Brewery About to Open, on Eastern Shore

Well, it's way off in Berlin, Md., on the mainland side of The Maryland City I Never Go To (a.k.a. Ocean City), but a new brewery is a new brewery.....

Burley Oak Brewery just went live with their website.  They're attempting to set up an organic brewery using exclusively locally-grown barley and hops, setting up shop in a former restaurant-supply building (and before that, a cooperage) on Old Ocean City Boulevard.  The Worcester County laws, which Burley Oak had to work to get changed (they're not the only ones down on the Eastern Shore prompting such changes, mind you), allow the brewery to hold tastings and sell retail like a winery, but not set up a food-serving bar.  The test batches that have been reported so far are English- and Belgian-styled ales.

As with quite a few similar projects in the Mid-Atlantic, they're somewhere close to a year behind their original planned opening date.

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