01 June 2011

Where Have All the Meads and Honey Ales Gone?

Now THIS is an ingredient price spike:

The National Honey Board reports that a pound of honey now costs $5.22, up from $3.78 in 2005.
I remember picking up my first five-gallon, 60-pound bucket of wildflower honey from an apiary in 1994 or so for about $50.  Same thing from the same apiary today: $240.  Heather honey from Scotland, arguably the "champagne" of honeys for fermentation, used to be £5.00 a pound in bulk years ago, and oddly the prices in Europe have held steady by comparison with here.

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stevejones said...

Yep, it's expensive ... Hot Monkey Love is brewed with 120 lbs of honey, it's a ridiculously expensive beer to make! (it's on the brew schedule for the end of the month, to be released during BBW)