05 December 2011

A "Facebook Photoblocker" for Bars?

It's come to this: The problem of people snapping candid photos of friends and acquaintances in bars and nightclubs, posting them to Facebook/Twitter/whatever, and arousing ire and problems for the subjects is now apparently so prevalent that an Argentinian beer company, Cerveza Norte, is now promoting a tabletop beer cooler for bars that comes complete with a flash mechanism that "blinds" the camera from which the flash came, washing out the intended picture and protecting the privacy of those at the table.  This is likely to become an extra-cost option for patrons, much like the tap-equipped tables at some bars.

Those who still want to post pictures of the beers they're drinking are apparently still safe.  And I can easily figure out how to build one myself (flipping through the B&H photo catalog in a minute to confirm my suspicions).....

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bricknhymr said...

The best part about this is the video.

I wish that it started with " In a world with people who take pictures.... at Bars..."