24 November 2009

Are You Drinking Thankgiving Eve?

I asked last year about this reported phenomenon: Thanksgiving Eve purportedly being the biggest drinking or bar-traffic day of the year, ahead of even St. Patrick's Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, etc.

And again, I ask:  Is it true?  If so, why?  Anyone got any studies, facts, etc. to prove this allegation, or is it just another scare-mongering tactic by the police and neo-Prohibitionists?

All statistics aside, if you want real ale that night, Metropolitan is tapping a firkin of Dog Pub's Chocolate Oatmeal Stout tomorrow at 6 pm in lieu of their usual Firkin Thursday..........  and all DuClaw locations, including the one in Fells Point, are having parties for the occasion, with growler discounts and extended Happy Hours............

Are you going out that night?  Good weather or bad?  Where and why?


JimPanzee said...

I have no idea if this is true, but I felt like chiming in anyway.

I'm a pretty big drinker, I love bars, I'm a frequenter of beer fests, bourbon tastings etc. That is, I like to think of myself as...informed...about such things. However, I had never heard about this as a reality until this year.

My current special lady friend is a HUGE FAN of Thanksgiving Eve drinking and is, as we speak, readying herself for some severe Earth Stomping in, what I imagine, can only be taken as a terrifying reference to Hunter Thompson.

BaltimoreMan said...

I have never been presented with studies proving it, but I feel that the bars have a good amount of people in them. For me and my friends, it is one of the few times during the year when everyone is back in our hometown, with nothing going on the next day except eating. Which makes for a great night of drinking.

Jonathan said...

A big part of it is that many local high schools have alumni events tonight (Loyola and Calvert Hall, in preparation for tomorrow's football game, both have bull roasts with plenty of beer drinking) and many people continue the party at area bars either downtown or in Towson.
Even if you didn't go to one of those schools, chances are you and your friends still joined in the festivities afterwards. This morning Souris' in Towson was already setting up tents to accomodate overflow crowds, and many other bars follow suit.