27 November 2009

Mail-Order Beer In Maryland's Future?

Today's Baltimore Sun has an article on the latest effort to legalize wine shipments into Maryland, in an attempt to put it on par with 35 other states and the District of Columbia.

The issue has fermented for years in the legislature where a bill has been bottled up in committee, but wine producers and connoisseurs see an opportunity in the next session that begins in January. They say they have more funding and support, and they hope to draw votes by casting the bill as a pro-consumer issue that lawmakers can promote to voters before the 2010 election.

"We've got a lot of things going in our favor, and this issue will finally have its day," said Adam Borden, executive director of Marylanders for Better Beer and Wine Laws, an organization whose membership has grown tenfold with increased outreach over the past year.
The odds are that if it happens for wine, it will equally apply to spirits and beer.  Imagine finally being able to join a "Beer of the Month" club or getting someone to ship you--legally--some prized beer you can't get here--Goose Island, New Glarus, Lost Abbey, etc.  (Not that it's that serious an issue here; there's darned few world-class beers you can't get here in Maryland as long as you go to the right retailers.....)

What beer would you mail-order if you could?


brad said...

I'm REALLY hoping this finally happens.

Sure I can trade with other folks, but honestly - I'd rather just fill up an e-shopping cart full of my "dream" beers that I've not been able to get here in MD.

Some off the top of my head which I would order immediately: just about anything from Russian River, Founders Breakfast Stout (and just about anything else from those guys), lots of Goose Island, lots of Lost Abbey, Three Floyd, Bell's, New Belgium...

Maybe it's time to get out a loan for out-of-state beer purchases!

Caederus said...

Ahhhh To be able to fill an e-cart at bevmo.

BaltimoreMan said...

I am lucky enough to have a brother who lives in Michigan and can bring me a bunch of the beer that we cant get here. But it will be great for other stuff like Russian River, of which I have never tried, and someday will.