02 November 2009

Gratuitous Non-Beer (But Booze-Related) Obama-Querying Post

Breitbart (via Instapundit) reports the following story from AFP (Agence France-Presse) about how Obama souvenirs are not moving so well to D.C. tourists anymore:

This is not for want of supply: from a lifesize cardboard cutout to gold jewelry to a bottle of special vintage champagne bearing the president's name, the list of Obama tchotchkes and high-end souvenirs is long.
 Two questions:  Are these shopkeepers legally licensed to sell such booze, or is this non-alcoholic "champagne" being mis-identified by the reporter?  Second, where is the swift, heavy hammer of authority from the White House and ATTTB that stopped Ommegang from marketing "Obamagang", a special one-off beer for the inauguration earlier this year (but not, mind you, a sugar-laden soda)? After all, we don't want "the President to be seen as promoting intoxication," now, do we?

(Incidentally, my answer to the street vendors mentioned in the article:  Drag out those wonderful "Dissent is Patriotic" bumper stickers and t-shirts that sold so well between, say, 2003 and 2008..........  I'm sure the sales divisions of MoveOn.org and other such places will be glad to let you have them dirt cheap now, or else their hired printers have the presses on standby..........)

ANSWERS?  Here?   Let me get this straight:  $65.00 for NON-ALCOHOLIC "Monterey Cristal," whatever the hell that is? 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  Getcher Obama Champagne Glass--now half price!

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