16 November 2009

Christmas Beer Exchange?

Calling All Homebrewers, and Holiday Beer Fans!

My homebrewing friend John, who sort of twisted my arm into making a Christmas beer this year (and I sought my revenge by making it a public demonstration for Baltimore Beer Week) came up with a brilliant idea:

"Why should the women have all the fun with their Christmas cookie exchanges?  Why don't we have a Christmas beer exchange?  Trade a couple bottles or a six-pack of your Christmas beer with others, and get more variety for the winter!"

So here's what I'm offering:  If you are interested in trading your Christmas-strength homebrew for other folks, comment, and volunteer.  I'm also willing to entertain the possibility of letting non-homebrewers get in on this by buying a commercially-made beer, but I will watch over that and make sure that we don't get ten folks all bringing Snow Goose, Anchor Our Special Ale, or whatnot.

I'll make this one better:  If I get a nice, round 12 or 24 folks commenting, volunteering, and willing to put money where their mouths are, I will arrange with a Baltimore liquor store to assemble mixed 12-packs or cases of Xmas ales.  Your cost will be the actual cost of the beer in question divided by the number of participants, with no mark-up.  This offer will probably exclude homebrew, unless necessary to bring the number to a round 12 or 24.  Just as a guesstimate, expect the cost of a 12-pack to be around $20, and a case to be around $40, unless we go an extra league and rope in something especially spectacular.  In addition, if you are traveling and can acquire 12 or 24 bottles of some holiday beer we can't get through normal channels, drop me an e-mail and we'll see if we can make appropriate arrangements.


Caederus said...

I'm game. I have a Russian Imperial Stout for my Christmas/Winter beer, or possibly a Belgian Golden Strong.

The Oriole Way said...

Alas, I am not (yet) a homebrewer, but I would sure be interested in that mixed 12-pack.

Unknown said...

count me in as well; I have a Belgian Strong Dark homebrew but am also game for the commercial craft exchange.