22 April 2010

And The Winner Is........

.......  jmooy, the first entry to the contest.

It wasn't so much that he was first, but I was reduced to almost flipping a coin between two entries--then I saw that one of them said he couldn't go that weekend anyway..........

Graham, your list was superlative, but I'm going to hold to my rule of "nothing over 8%" as just being fair to the others.  And Clayton, interesting list, but you were one beer short!

I've asked Mooy to give us a write-up of his impressions of the festival (maybe complete with a photo), so let's hope for a guest blogger report Sunday or Monday!

Thanks to all our contestants and to the Baltimore City Paper for making the tickets available and holding the fest in the first place, and hopefully next year I'll be free from other advance commitments!

(The winner is shown with a line-up of all nine Mikeller single hop beers at Max's big draft debut Thursday.)

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