01 April 2010

Camden Yards 2010 Draft Beer Lineup

Got a sneak preview of the new draft line-up for Camden Yards this spring/summer.

In addition to the "usual" macroswill at the stands and being served by the walk-around vendors, there will be a bar on the upper level serving drafts and cans to the fans.
The offerings will rotate between the following:
21st Amendment (cans)
Oskar Blues (cans)
New Belgium (cans)
Evolution Craft (aluminum bottles)
Tuppers Hop Pocket (draft)
The Raven (Orkney Brewery, Scotland, draft)
Duvel (draft)
Chimay (draft)
Samichlaus (draft)

Ommegang (draft and plastic bottles)

More info available at http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/bal/ballpark/guide/beer.jsp


Brad said...

Dead link.

And New Belgium in MD? Innnteresting.

I guess I'll believe these when I seem 'em.

Brad said...

Stupid late April Fool's joke :p

Brad said...

LOL @ Ommegang "... and plastic bottles" and some of the imports. A beer geek can dream, right?!

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

And your new name shall be "Ton of Bricks." >;-D

Brad said...

I'll have to blame it on Lagunitas' "WTF Ale" consumed too quickly last night.

The Oriole Way said...

Now this is just mean. Why tease me like this?