27 April 2010

Max's Mead Mania

Now, had Casey only done this on a Monday, thern I'd have the wonderful alliteration of "Max's Monday Mead Mania Madness".............

We will have the owner of B. Nektar Meadery here with a bunch of this stuff. These are some great meads from Ferndale , Michigan.We will be serving:

Wildberry Pyment- Clover Honey, Shiraz Grape Juice with Natural Wildberry Concentrate

Orange Blossom-Honey of Orange and other citrus trees. Aged In American oak

Wildflower Mead-Michigan Wildflower honey aged in American oak

Vanilla Cinnamon-Whole Cinnamon Sticks and Vanilla Beans

Bourbon Barrel- Blend of Orange Blossom and Buckwheat Honey aged in Bourbon Barrels     
As always we start at 6pm ......We will be meeting in the mobtown lounge-upstairs-finally
Yes, I love mead.  Got a problem with that?

1 comment:

Mad Doctor Hrothgar said...

this is tonight? as a home mead-maker and Fells-Point-dweller, I have no choice but to attend!