13 April 2010

Beer Bargain of the Year RIGHT NOW

Max;s Taphouse has long had a "house beer" special whereas they offer a selected beer (it's always whatever they want to move--heck, for all we know, someone's dangling them dollars to promote a beer, we know that's how this business runs) for $3.50 a "pint" glass "all day every day".

As I type, it's 1999 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale.

I kid you not.  Some places would be charging you an extra premium for this.  Ridiculously malty, chewy, AND hoppy, yet very dry in actual flavor, my wife says "grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit!"

Come and get it.  Don't say I never told ya.

1 comment:

Jay Zeis said...

I sent a text to a bout 10 people yesterday and convinced the guy next to me to order it, all while sipping on mine.