15 April 2010

Firkins du Jour UPDATED

Max's Taphouse, Fells Point: Williams Bros. Grozet (gooseberry-wheat ale from Scotland), RCH Santa Fe (7.3% strong ale from England), Gwatkins Golden Cider (England), Williams Bros Session (a session ale from Scotland--3.8%), plus a Lagunitas en route.

Pratt Street Ale House, downtown via Facebook: " 'My Monkey's Got Wood' will be on the beer engine at the Pratt Street Ale House today starting @ 5pm. Special pricing 5 - 7pm ($3 10 oz snifter). This is the only cask of batch # 1 we'll be serving so come try it while you can!"

Metropolitan, Federal Hill: "Joker IPA from Williams Bros. Brewing in Alloa, Scotland.  Joker is a 4.3% Scottish IPA, which is copper colored and very elegant compared to many of the other IPAs we have served from time to time."

Frisco Grille, Columbia: Stillwater Saison.  More scheduled events, including a meet-and-greet with Allagash's Rob Tod on the 21st, here.

Dogfish Head, Rehoboth Beach: a firkin of 75 Minute IPA (via Graham and Facebook). 

From the comments: Clementine's, 5402 Harford Road in the Hamilton neighborhood, gets aboard the real-ale wagon with a firkin from Heavy Seas, to be tapped 5:30 Friday the 16th..............

Anyone else want to check in or report?


The Oriole Way said...

I finally picked up a 750 of the Stateside and was very impressed. Not too shabby for an IPO.

BeerGuy said...

Frisco has changed it to the Evolution Rise Up Coffee Stout

david.m. said...

Clementine on Harford Rd in Hamilton will have something from Heavy Seas on Friday according to their email earlier this week.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

david.m, is the Clementine's "something" a firkin, or just a regular draft or bottled beer?

david.m. said...

Sorry. I figured since it was in response to the firkin question it was implied.
From their email:
"All beer loving hop-heads know what a firkin is so may skip the definition. Just know that you should show up at Clementine to have a pint or two of Clipper City's Heavy Seas Firkin at 5:30 pm on Friday April 16! Meet the Brewer."
I'm doing alot of work here for a place I have no professional affiliation with. Do I get a discount for my next meal?