08 April 2010

Firkins Update

Alonso's, Roland Park: "Tomorrow night we'll be drinking a firkin of Flying Dog Brewery Snake Dog. We'll tap her around 5:00."

Metropolitan Coffeehouse: Tonight:  Firkin of Stillwater Stateside Saison, with brewer Brian Strumke in attendance.

Judge's Bench, Ellicott City, Tonight: SPBW "meeting" featuring a firkin of Olivers Oak 3 Lions ale;. "We've also sent them Hot Monkey Love and Cherry Blossom Ale kegs as well," said brewer Steve Jones.

Frisco Grille, Columbia: Williams Bros. Joker IPA

Anyone else want to check in or "represent"?


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BeerGuy said...

Williams Bros. Joker IPA firkin at Frisco Grille tonight