03 July 2010

And MORE homebrew fun, and a request.....

Man, at this rate I'll have to brew up another batch of homebrew sometime.

A fellow homebrewer has been asked to crank up a batch of homebrew for a neighborhood festival/party.  He'll donate the beer and effort, but has decided that since the plan is to serve up the whole ten-gallon batch at once, he would be smart to keg the batch in "corny kegs" or a similar draft set-up.

Is there a reader or a reader's friend that would be willing to loan my friend the necessary set-up for the occasion, possibly for only a week or so?  Maybe some leftover beer will be part of the bargain.  Cotact me if interested.  He's located in western Baltimore/Catonsville/Woodlawn area, if location matters.

Second, fellow beer writer Lew Bryson has posted a "Homebrewers Mad Lib" at his blog.  Funny (and the predictability is part of why I dread certain press releases of that general category).  Enjoy!

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