23 July 2010

A response to the latest high-alcohol beer insanity

Ladies and gentlemen, save your money and enthusiasm.

I have, over the course of a long and sleepless night, home-brewed a "clone" of the latest product by Scottish madcap brewers BrewDog. And I will share it all with you for only $100 a full serving.

For an extra $20, I will meet you and serve it in an authentic BrewDog glass for an extra dose of authenticity.

If you wish to try this yourself, start here. 


What?!?!?!  %#)(*@! WHAT?!?!?!?!?  You don't WANT the red squirrel, you want the ^#)+%!@ STOAT instead?!?!?!?  Do we even HAVE freakin' stoats in North Ameri-.......

Oh, fine.  !*&$%#@ FINE, dagnabbit.  HERE.  ALSO in an authentic BrewDog glass!!!!  Now buy up, dang it!

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