13 July 2010

SPBW DC Pub Crawl July 24th

The Chesapeake Bay Branch of the Society for Preservation of Beers from the Wood (SPBW) is taking a different approach to July's "meeting." July has often been the month of the Society's annual bus trip to a different region for beer sampling.

Instead, this month, the SPBW will do a Metro-assisted pub crawl of the District of Columbia's cask-serving bars on Saturday, July 24th. Here's Branch president Rick Bloemke:

The Metro Pub Crawl will be just that, a visit to some of DC’s favorite beer haunts utilizing Washington DC’s Metro train system as transportation. It will also provide our DC and Virginia members the ability to have the SPBW meeting on their own “turf” for a change.

The day will commence at high noon at ChurchKey DC, a great beer and food emporium located in the Logan Circle neighborhood, at 14th Street near Rhode Island Ave NW. There is a possibility that ChurchKey will open earlier and just for SPBW Members if we can confirm enough numbers.

The precise itinerary will be fleshed out once our start time (noon or before noon) is determined, but the day will include visits to ChurchKey, District Chophouse, Pizzeria Paradiso (Dupont Circle), Capitol City Brewing Company (Union Station), Rock Bottom (Bethesda) and end at Commonwealth Gastropub at 7:00 p.m.

Basic Travel Arrangements:

→Each participant will need to purchase a Metro 'One Day Pass' ($9)
→Members in DC or Virginia, make own way to Church Key.
→Members driving from Maryland meet at Greenbelt Metro Station (Green Line).
→Members in the Baltimore area may use a public transport option. Light Rail to BWI ($1.60), then B30 Airport Express from BWI to Greenbelt Metro Station ($6).

Note: You do NOT have to be an SPBW member to join the crawl, but theannual membership is a measly $10 a year.


JohnM. said...

Sounds like an extremely long and extremely expensivse day.

BeerGuy said...

Eh, I've pretty much done a similar tour via car rather than Metro several times through DC and hardly go broke. ChurchKey sells taster size beers if looking for savings, for example. So does Rustico although its not mentioned on this tour.

Beer, water, next bar. Beer, water, next bar. Beer, water, next bar. Shouldn't damage the pocketbook too much.

Split an appetizer or two at one of the stops, breakfast/dinner at home and you're set.

My usual DC circuit involves some combination of Pizzeria Paradiso (G'Town location, better than DuPont Circle although way too far from the Metro sadly), Rustico, RFD, ChurchKey, Granville Moore's, MatchBox, etc.

Hopefully next swing through hitting up some combination of Meridian Pint, Black Squirrel, CommonWealth, Big Hunt, Red Derby and a few others.