19 July 2010

More on the SPBW Pub Crawl in DC July 24th

Here are more details on the SPBW DC pub crawl on July 24th. Please be advised that the general public is welcome to come along for any or all of this tour, and partake of generous real ale offerings throughout the day; you may also meet up at any point or depart at any point, or stay late, skip locations, etc.

The information below is from an amended dispatch from the SPBW's Chesapeake Bay Branch:

Thanks to the efforts of our esteemed colleague and SPBW member Graham Greene, our July event will be the SPBW 'Bring A Friend' Metro Pub Crawl, to be held Saturday July 24th, 2010. The Metro Pub Crawl will be just that, a visit to some of DC’s favorite beer... haunts utilizing Washington DC’s Metro train system as transportation. It will also provide our DC and Virginia members the ability to have the SPBW meeting on their own “turf” for a change.

The day will commence at high noon (opening time) at ChurchKey DC, a great beer and food emporium with five cask engines, located in the Logan Circle neighborhood, at 14th Street near Rhode Island Ave NW.

The precise itinerary will be fleshed out once our start time (noon or before noon) is determined, but the day will include visits to ChurchKey, District Chophouse, Pizzeria Paradiso (Dupont Circle), Capitol City Brewing Company (Union Station), and end at Commonwealth Gastropub at 7:00 p.m, with probably other yet-unannounced visits to brand-new places as well. You have the optional ability to detour on your own from the group and check out other noted DC beer establishments such as RFD Washington (two blocks north of District Chophouse), Cafe Saint-Ex (four blocks north of ChurchKey), and The Brickskeller (a short hike from Pizzeria Paradiso), but the focus will be on cask ales being poured at sites on the main itinerary. In some cases, the ales are being specially tapped for the occasion.

Basic Travel Arrangements:

→Each participant will need to purchase a Metro 'One Day Pass' ($9) if they wish to partake in the entire tour cost-effectively (unless you are in possession of a weekly pass already).
→Members or participants in DC, DC suburbs, or Virginia may make their own way to Church Key or other venues.
→Members driving from Maryland may meet at Greenbelt Metro Station (Green Line) or converge upon ChurchKey or other locations on the route, though specific locations and times will only be known by SPBW leaders..
→Members in Baltimore may use a public transport option: bus or subway to Light Rail, then Light Rail to BWI ($1.60 one way), then B30 Airport Express from BWI to Greenbelt Metro Station ($6 one way), then acquire the day pass at the Greenbelt Metro station. This option avoids the dreaded DUI/DWI possibility, or having to sit in your car for 2 hours at the Greenbelt Metro parking lot trying to sober up! Do consider this possibility if at all possible.

Please note that Metro fares increase effective August 1st. Note also that Capitol City Union Station is scheduled for eventual closure, probably March 2011, so get in a possibly final visit if you can.

This will be updated as events warrant.......... see you Saturday!

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