01 July 2010

Beer of the Week

Heavy Seas' new Smoke on the Water "imperial smoked porter."

Rich enough in flavor to be a stout.  The smoke is subtle; you might not even get the smoke if you weren't told about it.  8%, but dangerously drinkable, not too heavy for Baltimore's steamy weather.

Seek it out. Max's has it on cask tonight.


Towne31 said...

I second the recommendation and the comment on the subtlety of the smoke. I had the bottled version. I liked it better than Stone but not as much as Alaskan that I had out in Vegas a couple of years ago. That was much smokier.

JohnM. said...

While I agree with you Towne31 (about Alaskan's smoked porter), in all fairness, Alaskan has been brewing their smoked porter for many years, and I believe you're talking about the most decorated beer of all time at the GABF.

Frankly, it would be quite surprising if many people found the Heavy Seas version superior to the Alaskan smoked porter (though I'm sure there will be some who do - especially those who find the intense smokiness of the Alsakan verion overwhelming). Regardless, I still thought it a pretty solid beer from Clipper City.