03 July 2010

And now, Heavy Seas' homebrew contest winner......

From the Heavy Seas website:

Thank you to all the homebrewers who took the time to participate in our Heavy Seas Letter of Marque Contest.  Each of the beers submitted were surprisingly good, not a single bad one in the batch. A variety of styles were entered from Scotch Ales to a Wheat Pale Ale. There’s was even a beer brewed with honey grams!

Judging was done by the full crew at the brewery. In the elimination round, brews were judge for adherence to style and overall drinkability. Thirteen beers moved on and then there were 5.  Merits of each were discussed and the beer re-sampled. Here are the final results.

 David Edmundson and Doug John - Forest, VA
Style: Dubbel
Submitted name: Bastard Child

Runner Up:
Joe Frederic – Alexandria, VA
Style: Scottish Heavy
Submitted name: Thor’s Hammer

Honorable Mention:
Bill Beshorner, Brian McFee and Shawn Poore -  Catonsville, MD
Style: Wheat Pale Ale

Honorable Mention:
Daniel Self and Ryan Ward
Style: Dark American Wheat

David and John will be coming to the brewery to work along side our brewers to brew their beer next year. Watch for the winning beer in our Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet in early spring 2011. Thanks again to the homebrewers who participated and we hope you try again next year!

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